AT34 EV™

Detect issues in hybrid and electric car motors before motor failure occurs with the AT34 EV™. This advanced permanent magnet motor and generator testing solution is designed to keep your hybrid or electric vehicle motors running smoothly.

Key Features:

– Non-Invasive Testing: Unlike other EV testing methods, the AT34 EV™ allows technicians to test motors in vehicles without disassembling them, saving time and hassle.
– Comprehensive Testing: Our electric vehicle testing equipment enables technicians to detect problems with a vehicle’s stator, connections, or rotor, ensuring optimal motor performance and reliability.
– Preventative Maintenance: With preventative testing, you can eliminate the otherwise inevitable time and money loss that comes with electric vehicle motor failure, ensuring uninterrupted vehicle operation and reducing costly repairs.
– Portable Design: The AT34 EV™ instrument is extremely portable, allowing technicians to access superior motor and insulation testing abilities whether they’re in the shop or in the field.

Benefits of Using the AT34 EV™:

– Enhanced Reliability: By detecting issues before they escalate into motor failure, the AT34 EV™ helps maintain the reliability and longevity of hybrid and electric vehicle motors.
– Cost Savings: Preventative testing helps avoid costly repairs and downtime associated with motor failure, saving both time and money in the long run.
– User-Friendly Operation: Our handheld device offers intuitive operation, ensuring ease of use for technicians of all levels of expertise.

Keep Your Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Running Smoothly:

Ensure the optimal performance and reliability of your electric and hybrid vehicles with the AT34 EV™. Detect issues early and prevent motor failure with our advanced testing solution, available for use in both shop and field environments.

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