The ALL-TEST PRO 7™ PROFESSIONAL is your all-in-one device for testing any motor’s resistance, stator, rotor, contamination, and insulation stats, delivering accurate diagnostics in just minutes.

Key Features:

– Comprehensive Testing: Assess resistance, stator health, rotor condition, contamination levels, and insulation stats all with one device, providing comprehensive diagnostics for optimal motor performance.

– Expanded Functionality: In addition to the core features of the ALL-TEST PRO 7™, the PROFESSIONAL version extends its capabilities to include testing of DC motor types, traction motors, and transformers. It also incorporates route-based testing for data trending and in-depth analysis.

Applications Include:

– Offline testing of AC and DC motors, transformers, and generators
– Testing during installation and startup of new motors
– Condition monitoring for ongoing performance assessment
– Troubleshooting to pinpoint and resolve motor issues swiftly

Diagnostics with AT7™ Pro:

The AT7™ Pro module within the PROFESSIONAL version identifies various motor issues, including stator and rotor problems, ground faults, winding faults, open connections, and contamination issues, ensuring thorough and accurate assessments.

Take Control of Motor Testing:

With the ALL-TEST PRO 7™ PROFESSIONAL, streamline your motor testing process, diagnose issues efficiently, and optimize motor performance for enhanced reliability and longevity.

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