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With motion amplification, vibration problems are made visual. This technology implements a video-processing method that detects very small movement and amplifies it. Motion amplification is used to help you visualize vibration issues that may not be visible to the naked eye. This tool can save time and costs in vibration analysis, routine condition monitoring programs, troubleshooting and root cause analysis. 

As industrial equipment, machinery, and other components operate, they produce very small vibrations and movements. These vibrations are at times extremely small that they can often go undetected and can be destructive to your machinery and equipment. As pieces of machinery vibrate, components can become misaligned, imbalanced, loose, cracked, or worse. These unnoticed movements and vibrations can significantly reduce the efficiency of the machine and can often lead to catastrophic failures.

By using motion amplification technology, it is possible to detect these subtle movements.  It provides a better understanding of the existing defects and the increased failure risk of the equipment. Motion amplification will enable you to visually see what the immediate impact on your machinery is.

About Motion Amplification

Motion Amplification