The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly is a comprehensive solution for monitoring the health of any motor type, offering unparalleled insights into power quality, connections, harmonic distortion, alignment, insulation, rotor conditions, bearings, air gaps, stators, and more.

Key Features:

– Comprehensive Testing: Equipped with two cutting-edge motor testing instruments (AT7 Pro and ATPOL III), the assembly covers all aspects of motor performance, ensuring thorough analysis.
– Predictive Maintenance Tools: The assembly includes a sturdy carrying case, AC chargers, and step-by-step instructions, facilitating seamless operation and optimal functionality.
– Automatic Diagnostic Reports: Enjoy the convenience of automatic diagnostic reports that measure every aspect of a motor’s performance, providing valuable insights for maintenance planning and decision-making.
– Extendable Warranty: Backed by an extendable one-year warranty, the ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ ensures peace of mind and long-term reliability.

Reports Provide Indications of:

– Early winding faults
– Rotor problems
– Incoming power issues
– Electrical and mechanical motor condition
– Driven load mechanical condition

Take Control of Your Machinery:

Eliminate costly downtime and repairs by identifying and addressing issues before they escalate. With the ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly, safeguard your operations and maximize efficiency with proactive maintenance.

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