Core Competencies

Reliability Solutions Engineering relies on machine condition data, combined from multiple technologies, properly acquired and carefully and competently assessed.

Few companies are able to harmoniously combine skill sets and multiple technologies successfully.  At Yellotec we pride ourselves in delivering unique value, and a sustainable competitive advantage through a deep proficiency in, and successful integration of, all our Core Competencies.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography

Invisible risks? Bring them into the light.

We believe that using the best equipment produces cost effective and accurate results. At Yellotec we have decades of experience in working with and supporting the products of the unequivocal market leader in Thermal Imaging. We are proud suppliers of the extensive range of Thermal Imaging cameras and instrumentation on offer from FLIR Systems.

From the single Agema 470THV on offer in 1990 to the myriad of models on offer today, we understand the technology down to the fundamentals of their operation. Infrared cameras are designed to be application specific and whatever your requirement FLIR has the camera that will capture the data. Whether your application is in maintenance, process control, medical or research, and you need a handheld or a fixed unit, we will have tried and tested solutions.

Yellotec offers the full complement of thermographic cameras, thermal imagers, specialised systems, optics, software and accessories. We stock a large range of models and we will most likely have the spares for your old unit. Talk to us before you invest.


Reduce vibrations through balancing of rotors​

Unbalance is the most frequent cause of increased vibrations in fans, ventilators, belt pulleys or couplings. The objective of field balancing is to keep vibrations, mechanical stress, bearing loads and shaft deformation within acceptable levels.
Our service experts can use VIBXPERT, for example, to quickly identify and eliminate unbalances in the field, also under difficult operating conditions. Even ‘special tasks’ such as balancing of rotor blades in a wind turbine can be completed in just a few hours.

Laser Alignment

Reduce costs by minimizing machine vibrations, bearing and seal wear.

Maintenance departments in top industrial organizations worldwide employ these highly-developed and user-friendly systems to measure and align machinery used in the power, chemical, water treatment, production and processing industries.​​

​​Let the Yellotec Service team with its dedicated experts and proven laser alignment systems be at the heart ​​of your maintenance program.

Our Machinery Service Team uses Pruftechnik products to perform shaft alignments for you.

Oil Analysis

Oil - the lifeblood of your machines, equipment and company

Our world class laboratory uses equipment similar to that used by the US military, navy, and air force. Yellotec provides the full range of tests and services include elemental spectroscopy, viscosity, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, water-in-oil measurement, ferrous quantification, ferrography, tan, tbn, fuel dilution, coolant analysis and diesel fuel analysis. Our professional staff is then able to detect and identify potential failures and recommend action to prevent major failures and downtime. However oil analysis is on the first step in our service, and through a proactive range of activities, we are able to offer select customers a differentiated service that has yet to be matched by our competitors. ​

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause analysis is a factual and objective process of enormous value

Applying the concept of Root Cause Analysis to failures allows us the chance to study and completely understand the dynamics involved, enabling informed decisions with regard to corrective or preventative measures to be undertaken.

The value of RCA is more often than not underestimated and corrective actions implemented on assumed causes without following a structured factual process. Proper Root Cause Analysis often leads to the identification of corrective measures representing a treasure trove of value adding possibilities. Yellotec has the skills, equipment, experience, and above all personnel to assist all of our clients in extracting the full value-adding benefits of effective RCA.



Ultrasound in Condition Monitoring refers to instruments and software capable of detecting, recording, trending and analysing airborne and structure borne ultrasonic noise.

As such, they are capable of identifying basic rotating mechanical faults, as well as gas leaks and electrical problems.

Ultrasound instruments detect noise originating from friction, ionization and turbulence. This includes trending bearing condition, determining lubrication efficiency, locating compressed gas leaks (pressure and vacuum). In electrical applications the detection of arcing, tracking and corona emissions in both open and enclosed equipment.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration measurements are instrumental in the condition-based maintenance of machines and systems.

Conditions can be documented and compared with the state of the art and, in the event of changes in the vibration behavior, the causes can be determined early on.

Root cause analysis and fault analysis in the case of unusual vibration behavior is our specialty. We offer vibration-based machine monitoring and condition diagnosis as part of our on-site and remote services.

Motion Amplification

With motion amplification, vibration problems are made visual. This technology implements a video-processing method that detects very small movement and amplifies it.

By using motion amplification technology, it is possible to detect these subtle movements. It provides a better understanding of the existing defects and the increased failure risk on the equipment. Motion amplification will enable you to visually see what the immediate impact on your machinery is.

Lubrication Services

Lubrication Services

Our comprehensive range of Lubrication services assists reliability engineers with condition monitoring and identification of machine wear.

Yellotec owns and runs a full commercial oil analysis laboratory based in Boksburg. Our laboratory was originally established to focus on used oil analysis of mobile equipment, which includes mining, quarrying, earthmoving, and construction equipment and vehicles. It represented an ideal starting point since this category of equipment is generally accepted as representing the most challenging class of oil analyses due to the harsh environmental conditions, operator-induced problems and severe duty cycles.

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