The AT34 empowers technicians to efficiently and accurately assess AC induction squirrel-cage motors (less than 1,000V) for abnormalities such as open connections, ground faults, internal winding faults, stator winding issues, contamination, and rotor faults.

Key Features:

– Comprehensive Evaluation: With the AT34, technicians can perform thorough evaluations of motor health, ensuring early detection of potential issues and minimizing downtime.
– Motor Circuit Analysis™ Technology: Utilizing Motor Circuit Analysis™ technology, the AT34 enables non-destructive evaluation of motor health, providing valuable insights without compromising motor integrity.
– Field and Shop-Floor Use: Whether in the field or on the shop floor, the AT34 is a versatile tool for improving motor reliability, enhancing technician and asset productivity, and reducing energy consumption.

Benefits of Using the AT34:

– Improved Motor Reliability: By detecting abnormalities early on, the AT34 helps ensure the reliability and longevity of AC induction squirrel-cage motors.
– Increased Technician and Asset Productivity: Streamlining the evaluation process, the AT34 allows technicians to work more efficiently, maximizing asset uptime and productivity.
– Energy Consumption Reduction: By identifying and resolving motor issues promptly, the AT34 aids in reducing energy consumption and optimizing motor performance.

Take Control of Motor Evaluation:

Enhance motor reliability, productivity, and energy efficiency with the AT34. Whether in the field or on the shop floor, this essential tool empowers technicians to evaluate AC induction squirrel-cage motors accurately and efficiently.

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