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Our comprehensive range of oil analysis services assists reliability engineers with condition monitoring and identification of machine wear.

Oil is the “lifeblood” of machines and equipment, and through routine testing and analysis Yellotec can;

Yellotec owns and runs a full commercial oil analysis laboratory based in Boksburg. Our laboratory, which was orginally established to focus specifically on used oil analysis of mobile equipment classed under the generic name of yellow equipment, which includes mining, quarrying, earthmoving and construction equipment and vehicles, hence the name Yellotec. It represented an ideal starting point since this category of equipment is generally accepted as representing the most challenging class of oil analyses due to the harsh environmental conditions, operator-induced problems and severe duty cycles.

Today, Yellotec provides the full range of tests and services include elemental spectroscopy, viscosity, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, water-in-oil measurement, ferrous quantification, ferrography, TAN, TBN, fuel dilution analysis, coolant analysis and transformer analysis. Our diagnostic staff are then able to diagnose potential failures and recommend action to prevent major failures and downtime.

We believe that oil analysis should ultimately be managed as a tool and safety net to ensure that equipment is maintained optimally, rather than form part of a systematic reaction to common problems. We actively assist customers to move away from reactive behaviour, toward proactive measures to prevent failures. While it is crucial for Yellotec customers to react to specific problems identified by the analysis, Yellotec’s management systems and reports allow customers to more easily focus on the root causes and key problem areas, thus allowing their organisations to gain total control over their fixed or mobile plant.

Yellotec Routine Oil Analysis Tests:

Interested in having your own on-site Oil Analysis Lab?

Yellotec's Oil Lab Series will cover everything you need to know to build and run an on-site oil analysis laboratory.

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