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Welcome to Yellotec’s video hub, your comprehensive resource for expert insights into our cutting-edge technologies. Here, you can explore our wide range of video content, from in-depth training sessions to detailed product reviews, designed to help you get the most out of our solutions.

Yellotec Corporate Videos

Explore Yellotec’s Vision and Impact

Welcome to our Corporate Videos section, where you can gain a deeper understanding of Yellotec’s mission, values, and impact in the industry. Our corporate videos provide an inside look at our company culture, innovative solutions, and the dedicated team that drives our success. Discover how Yellotec is leading the way in technological advancements and delivering unparalleled value to our clients.

Yellotec Full Company

Take a closer look at Yellotec! We offer top-notch technology for machine health and reliability monitoring, helping managers predict and prevent equipment failures.

Yellotec History

Yellow Technical Services (t/a Yellotec) was founded in 2004 by Toni de Sousa, with its focus on oil analysis for mobile equipment in the earth moving industry, generally known as yellow plant, hence the name Yellotec.  

Yellotec Training Overview

Yellotec offers courses to maximize the benefits of our technologies, taught by world authorities and leading international organizations.

Yellotec Service Overview

Our mission is to help managers predict and prevent all equipment failures, focusing on proactive maintenance to ensure operations are important but not urgent.

Yellotec Webinar

‘See the Sound with the Teledyne FLIR Si124’ webinar!

Welcome to our webinar videos section, where you can discover how the FLIR Si124 acoustic imaging camera can help you locate pressurized leaks in compressed air systems and detect partial discharge in high-voltage electrical systems. Explore its features and see how it can revolutionize your maintenance routine.

A Yellotec and Teledyne FLIR Webinar

Reynhard Heymans and Adhir Ramborosa explored the FLIR Si124 Acoustic Imaging Camera by Teledyne FLIR, a tool enhancing efficiency and precision in engineering. Watch the webinar to:
– Explore the FLIR Si124’s features.
– Learn about Acoustic Imaging Technology and its impact on engineering projects.

What is an Acoustic Camera and Why?

The FLIR Si124 acoustic imaging camera quickly locates pressurized leaks in compressed air systems and detects partial discharge in high-voltage electrical systems. This lightweight, one-handed tool is up to 10 times faster than traditional methods, using 124 microphones to create precise acoustic images even in noisy environments. Images are overlaid in real time on digital camera pictures and saved to the FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer cloud service for deeper analysis. Regular use can reduce utility bills and delay the need for new compressors.

Yellotec Motion Amplification

See vibration with these revolutionary technologies

RDI’s Motion Amplification® platform is a unique, revolutionary technology that detects subtle movement and converts movement to a level visible by the naked eye.

IRIS Motion Amplification on structure

Motion Amplification is a proprietary video processing algorithm that detects subtle motion then amplifies that motion to a level visible to the naked eye which enhances the understanding of the components and interrelationships creating the motion.

RDI Vacuum Pump and Fan

Motion amplification simplifies identifying structural looseness on the vacuum pump base. It makes the base crack in a fan base and its effects visible to the naked eye. Videos can be shared with all stakeholders, ensuring clear understanding of defects. Corrective actions for repairs are straightforward, as a picture or video is worth a thousand words.

Motion Amplification on a Tissue Refiner

Motion amplification makes identifying structural looseness on this Tissue Refiner extremely easy. Videos created can be shared with all role-players so that defects are well understood. Corrective actions needed to repair the defects does not need complex reports, a picture/video is worth a thousand words.

Motion Amplification with IRIS M: Tissue ID Fan

The condition monitoring team detected abnormally high vibration on an overhung ID fan. This triggered a motion amplification inspection to determine the root cause of the vibration experienced. 

Motion Amplification on a Tissue Mill Pump

RDI Motion Amplification was performed on a pump that revealed the serious failure of the pump base structure as well as a latent defect on the motor terminal box that will definitely have an impact on future reliability.

Motion Amplification on Decanter Belt

Industrial equipment and machinery produce small, undetectable vibrations. These vibrations can cause components to become misaligned, imbalanced, loose, or cracked, reducing efficiency and potentially leading to catastrophic failures.

Motion Amplification on SM Tissue HP Pump

You have checked the alignment, torqued the hold down bolts multiple times, but the vibration does not improve, after having a quick look with #irism (Colour and B&W) the source of the problem presented itself. A picture tells a thousand words

RDI: Miscellaneous Motion Amplification Operating Deflection Shape Examples

Engineers often struggle to communicate complex data and results to their organization. What a technician understands from graphs and charts can be hard to explain and may be dismissed. With #motionamplification videos, sharing this information is as simple as sending a video.

Motion Amplification on Blower

Normal vibration analysis can detect pulley misalignment, but Motion Amplification shows its effects visually on the equipment structure. This method reveals more sinister defects and secondary factors. A picture is worth a thousand words.

RDI Motion Amplification on a pump

A client approached Yellotec for help with a pump showing high vibration levels after commissioning. Using the RDI Motion Amplification IRIS M Camera, Yellotec identified unexpected structural movement. The U-beam supporting the structure flexed excessively due to poor design or substandard materials.

Motion Amplification: Paper mill drive

Watch how RDI Technologies Inc. Motion Amplification was performed on a paper mill drive that revealed the importance of correct Cardan shaft installation and Laser shaft alignment

RDI Motion Amplification: Vertical pump set

Check out this footage our enthusiastic Yellotec technician shared: Watch Motion Amplification in action on a vertical pump drive. It highlights the significance of routine inspections, maintenance, and precise laser shaft alignment.

Motion Amplification Vertical Cement Mill

Watch how RDI Technologies Motion Amplification was performed on a Vertical roller mill.

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