Imagine seeing Structural Movements & Vibrations

RDI's Motion Amplification Technologies are leading the way in utilizing cameras as the sensor of tomorrow. By employing visualization, their technology not only simplifies complexities but also ensures quicker and safer processes.

Their exclusive platform, powered by Motion Amplification, enables users to observe and gauge movement that was earlier undetectable to the naked eye and relied on contact sensors for measurement.

By integrating sophisticated cameras and software, RDI’s offerings transform intricate charts and graphs into straightforward video data, empowering users to expediently and securely tackle difficult challenges and convey the outcomes.

The patented technology used by RDI enables the measurement of deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. To extract useful data, we combine video camera technology with our software and processing algorithms.

Why do you need Motion Amplification?
  1. It allows for the detection of even minute displacements and amplifies the movement to a visible level.
  2. To precisely gauge mechanical or structural issues that can be seen using a camera with the same level of accuracy as a displacement sensor.
  3. It aids in troubleshooting by sifting through data, and displaying movements at specific locations, and their associated frequencies, to pinpoint the root cause of a problem.

Utilizing RDI’s Motion Amplification Technology, Yellotec has the capability to detect structural and vibrational malfunctions in machinery. By eradicating such problems, the expenses incurred due to subsequent breakdowns and idle time can be minimized, and plant productivity enhanced!

Allow us to offer you similar benefits!

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