Breaking Down Motion Amplification

Understanding Motion Amplification and why it is the perfect tool for vibration monitoring

In this article, we will be looking at what is motion amplification and how it works.  Yellotec offers a variety of instruments to perform motion amplification and this article will provide more information for each product.

What is motion amplification?

With motion amplification, vibration problems are made visual. This technology implements a video-processing method that detects very small movement and amplifies it. Motion amplification is used to help you visualize vibration issues that may not be visible to the naked eye. This tool can save time and costs in vibration analysis, routine condition monitoring programs, troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

As industrial equipment, machinery, and other components operate, they produce very small vibrations and movements. These vibrations are at times extremely small that they can often go undetected and can be destructive to your machinery and equipment. As pieces of machinery vibrate, components can become misaligned, imbalanced, loose, cracked, or worse. These unnoticed movements and vibrations can significantly reduce the efficiency of the machine and can often lead to catastrophic failures.

By using motion amplification technology, it is possible to detect these subtle movements.  It provides a better understanding of the existing defects and the increased failure risk on the equipment. Motion amplification will enable you to visually see what the immediate impact on your machinery is.

Reliable machine monitoring systems?

Motion amplification technology can help in many industries as it enables people to visualize machinery and structural movements, accurately measure displacement data that is generated by millions of camera pixels and solve underlying problems. 

With motion amplification, you can easily visualize and quantify data. It also enables you to receive data on machinery detection and early prevention of structural inefficiencies, imbalances, wear, and other faults that affect operational safety, efficiency, and output.

Motion amplification in the Aerospace and defence industry:

By visualizing and measuring movements happening at microscopic levels, motion enhancement technology ensures that the latest aerospace and defence technology performs at higher levels. The aerospace and defence industries demand rigorous testing and development standards. Having the right tools to evaluate equipment and technology is critical and understanding their applications or potential. 

Motion amplification in the Automotive industry:

The automotive industry is always at work on new designs, components, technologies, and processes that make automobiles safer, faster, and more efficient. The automotive industry requires a lot of testing and evaluation as they incorporate many components such as auto bodies, engines, myriad parts and all the pieces in between.

Motion amplification technology can play a critical part as you can detect vibrations throughout an automobile’s body, or within a specific component, or even a specific portion of a vehicle. This can offer insight into the automobile’s performance, health, and comfort in terms of the driver.

Motion Amplification in the Manufacturing industry:

Motion amplification cameras can help keep an eye on the machinery and components that are needed for any manufacturing site. The motion amplification, Iris M, takes millions of measurements in a fraction of a second, making it a one-of-a-kind system for equipment monitoring or root cause analysis.

Manufacturing relies solely on productivity for its success. Therefore, it is important to minimize equipment downtime and costly repairs. To do this, it is essential to make predictive maintenance your top priority. All those pieces and components are often subjected to common issues and failures. Such as looseness, misalignment and imbalanced machinery. Time will pass, and equipment will age, but maintaining machinery is the only way to keep small problems from becoming catastrophic failures.

Keep your manufacturing site running efficiently and smoothly by letting motion amplification technology see the problems before you do. 

Motion Amplification in the Oil and Gas industry:

The power generation industry involves many types of industries, commodities, and resources. There are traditional fossil fuels, nuclear power, wind energy, hydropower, and other sources of energy to power our world. Almost all of these resources involve large machinery that contains pumps, turbines, and other rotating components that are subject to frequent vibrations. 

It is essential to track and monitor vibrations in the power and generation industry, as any power plant needs to be reliable and capable of continuous operation. Downtime can have huge effects on downstream consumers, which includes essentially all other industries, and anyone connected to the power grid. Downtime at a power station often results in increased load shedding. 

The motion amplification, Iris M, the camera has been deployed to several power plants to help route out the underlying causes of vibrational problems. Looking at various types of power plants and the extent of their issues involving vibrational forces solidifies the importance of motion amplification vibration analysis and monitoring for this critical industry.

Motion Amplification in the Oil and Gas industry:

At Yellotec we sell a variety of RDI motion amplification products. Our vibration analysis and monitoring equipment now also include: 


The IRIS M platform monitors critical manufacturing machinery, operations, process lines, structural components, quality control, and other factors that affect plant reliability and productivity.

RDI’s patented technology measures deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration not visible to the human eye. It utilizes video camera technology in conjunction with software and processing algorithms to extract meaningful data.

By turning every pixel in the camera into a sensor, Iris M takes millions of measurements in a fraction of a second. This is done with no physical connection or disruption to your operations, machinery, or plant assets.

The results lend themselves to a visualization of the motion. You can measure and quantify any structural assets that the camera can see. Motion amplification is an exclusive video processing algorithm that detects subtle motion then amplifies that motion until it is visible to the naked eye and enhances the understanding of the components and the cause of the motion or vibration.

What differentiates Iris M from traditional tools is that it simultaneously monitors all points of your process and machinery, and it does this with no impact on your flow of business. Iris M is completely non-contact and provides a comprehensive analysis while the machinery is operating. With Iris M, you move well beyond data collection to problem-solving.


The IRIS MX from RDI Technologies expands upon its revolutionary Iris M product to open the world of motion amplification to high-speed applications. Like the Iris M, the Iris MX utilizes millions of pixels to measure deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration normally not visible. The Iris M can detect a wide range of possible defects in machine condition monitoring.  With the Iris MX, we have you covered no matter what the speed of your machine.

The software module allows you to draw regions of interest and return a time waveform and spectrum in both the horizontal and vertical directions from those locations. Also included are new features in the acquisition software that assist in making measurements of displacement.

This allows you to manage all your motion amplification data from one place. You will now be able to preview your recordings, organize your data in a hierarchical structure, and associate files such as PDFs and MP4s with your recordings.


The IRIS CM is the power of motion amplification with the benefits of continuous monitoring.  Iris CM is a continuous monitoring system that records millions of measurements with no physical connection to your machinery or equipment. With Iris CM, you are now able to see what is happening to your machines 24/7.  Even when you are away.

Once configured, Iris CM can continuously monitor your asset with live motion amplification, trigger, and store recordings, and provide all the data analysis using motion amplification software. Best of all, once you solve the problem with your asset, just move the system to the next asset and start all over. Solve your toughest problems.  Solve your intermittent problems.  Solve it with Iris CM.

Final Thoughts:

Yellotec believes that it is vital to use predictive maintenance on your machinery, equipment, and assets. Motion amplification can save time and costs in vibration analysis, routine condition monitoring programs, troubleshooting and root cause analysis. Motion amplification has a wide array of uses, including vibration analysis and predictive maintenance. 

At Yellotec we take pride in the products that we sell and want our customers to get the very best! If you would like to know more about Motion Amplification and about the products we offer that are perfect for motion amplification. Contact us today

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