How to identify motor defects using the rotor fault zone

The Rotor Fault Zone is part of the Six Fault Zones approach to access your motor’s condition.

The Rotor Fault Zone refers to the condition of the rotor bars, rotor laminations, and end rings. Although only a small percentage of the motor problems, rotor faults can influence other fault zones to fail.

This article from PdMA covers the Rotor Fault Zone in better detail.

Listen to Todd Gunderson the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PdMA Corporation as describes how the MCEMax is an essential technology to help in the detection of Rotor anomalies

Listen to Noah Bethel and Todd Gunderson as they walk you through their latest case study showing the MCEMax finding a Wound Rotor Motor fault

Need a recap on all six fault zones?

Read our previous article with PdMA’s David L. McKinnon white paper that provides a brief introduction to a Six Fault Zone approach for predictive maintenance on motors.

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