The Iris MX from RDI Technologies expands upon its revolutionary Iris M product to open up the world of Motion Amplification to high-speed applications.

Like the Iris M, the Iris MX utilizes the millions of pixels in today’s modern cameras to measure deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration not visible to the human eye. The Iris M covers a wide range of faults in machine condition monitoring but with the addition of the Iris MX, we have you covered no matter what the speed of your machine.


Iris M enables a dramatic visualization of the motion. Motion Amplification is a proprietary video processing technique that detects subtle motion and then amplifies that motion to a level visible with the naked eye.


Iris M enhances the understanding of the components and interrelationships creating the motion and provides a communication tool for technical and non-technical resources.


Iris M measures and quantifies mechanical or structural assets that a camera can see with the same accuracy as a contacting displacement sensor.


Iris M allows you to filter your data and visualize motion at specific frequencies to find the real source of a problem and position your team to fix it.

Displacement and Frequency Measurement

This software module allows you to draw regions of interest and return a time waveform and spectrum in both the horizontal and vertical directions from those locations. Also included are new features in the acquisition software that assist in making measurements designed for displacement.

Motion Explorer for the Iris MX

This application allows you to manage all of your Motion Amplification data from one place. You will now be able to preview your recordings before opening them, organize your data in a hierarchical structure, and associate files such as PDFs and MP4s with your recordings.

Motion Studio for the Iris MX System

The new Motion Studio Update gives you the ability to create more powerful videos with Motion Amplification. Add spectra and waveforms to your videos, show multiple views from a single screen, and edit your videos straight from the video editor screen.  Motion studio gives you all the tools for your reports.

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