Why we love the Pruftechnik for our Laser Shaft Alignment

In this article, we will be looking at why the team at Yellotec love the Pruftechnik brand when it comes to Laser Shaft Alignment.

Laser Shaft Alignment Tools

Pruftechnik’s laser shaft alignment tools are the most efficient way to align machine shafts. These tools are great as they save you time, money, increases machine availability, prolongs service life and maintenance intervals, as well as lowers your power consumption. If this doesn’t convince you to use an adaptive alignment system instead of conventional tools, then we don’t know what will. Alignment tools from Pruftechnik can adapt to virtually any asset, situation, or user skill level, making these tools perfect for anyone. There are four different types of laser shaft alignment tools that you can choose from, all with unique features and benefits, that will be an incredible fit for your needs and wants. The four different types of tools are:

  • ROTALIGN Touch 
  • OPTALIGN Touch


The ROTALIGN Touch was designed by some of the world’s leading alignment experts to solve problems in the easiest way possible. This Pruftechnik tool is known to be the most adaptable laser shaft alignment tool. The ROTALIGN Touch combines high precision on-site measuring tasks and cloud connectivity for worldwide data access and transfer. With the sensALIGN® 7, the ROTALIGN Touch uses laser and sensor heads that offer a full range of everyday alignment routines, up to expert degree alignment jobs, such as Cardan shaft alignment or aligning up to six sequential couplings in a row.

Achieve unrivalled precision, even in harshest conditions and on highly demanding jobs with the use of the ROTALIGN single-laser technology. This tool is great for beginners and experts as it has an intuitively guided user interface that can be operated by almost anyone. Users will need to follow the three steps of shaft alignment: dimension, measure, and result. 

There are also many benefits when using Pruftechnik’s ROTALIGN Touch tool. With its advanced features, this laser shaft alignment tool can help solve virtually any alignment challenge. If you need a tool that can handle alignment issues on standard machines such as motor pump assets up to large steam turbines, and everything in between, then this is the perfect tool for you! Save your time and effort with the guided user interface. The ROTALIGN Touch interface fully adapts to all your needs by displaying coloured real 3D machine models with tablet-like navigation for full control of your measurements. Not only does the ROTALIGN Touch enhance your communication options, but it also increases your visibility. This laser shaft alignment tool has an integrated RFID tag reader which will help users to identify the asset needing inspection and remediation. You can also find convenience in the Pruftechnik ARC 4.0 cloud transfer where your machines data notifications can be pushed to computers worldwide.

The ROTALIGN Touch tool is ready to tackle alignment challenges in any industry and can withstand any industrial environment, no matter what and where. This premium laser shaft alignment system can be used independently throughout all your branches, industries, and assets. Yellotec is proud to sell this amazing laser shaft alignment tool and if you would like to see how the ROTALIGN Touch tool can adapt to your assets, contact us and we will get back to you promptly to offer our expertise.


The OPTALIGN Touch is the everyday tool that no workshop should be without. This tool is perfect for everyday alignment and measurement tasks in the industry. This tool is known for setting the benchmark for solving common alignment problems. The OPTALIGN Touch also features the unique sensALIGN® 5 laser and sensor heads. This enables powerful, fast, and efficient alignment on rotatable shafts and machines.

Thanks to its Adaptive Alignment features such as single-laser technology and Active Situational Intelligence, the OPTALIGN Touch tool can easily adapt to the situation, asset, and technician experience level. The Pruftechnik OPTALIGN Touch tool combines hardware, software, and WiFi connectivity to deliver precise alignment data via the cloud, making it a dream for anyone that needs to share machine data. With the intuitively guided user interface, the OPTALIGN Toch can be operated by almost anyone. This laser shaft alignment tool is any technicians dream as it is waterproof and dustproof, oil-proof and waterproof (IP65), dirt-resistant, scratch-resistant, and impact-resistant. 

Users can also upgrade their OPTALIGN Touch tool by simply adding sensALIGN® 7 laser and sensor heads to receive the unlimited power of Pruftechnik’s adaptive alignment world. 

There are so many reasons and benefits to using the OPTALIGN Touch tool. This tool ensures that you work faster without having to sacrifice accuracy. This is an easy-to-use handheld device that enables complex alignment jobs to be done quickly with no loss in accuracy with its intuitive setup and data acquisition. The OPTALIGN Touch tool allows you to leverage advanced laser shaft alignment capabilities. With amazing and powerful hardware and software features, the OPTALIGN Touch simplifies the way you perform mounting, measuring, and shimming. With mistake-correcting capabilities, this tool adapts to both the alignment challenge and experience level of the user.  Easily transfer your data to and from the cloud. You can send and receive alignment data from and to the ARC 4.0 PC software via an integrated WiFi connection which enables you to easily monitor and trend your data for analysis and action. 

If you need a highly intelligent and versatile tool for your plant floor. Look no further, at Yellotec we will be happy to assist you in your purchase and point you to the products that will suit your needs the best.  


The new ShaftAlign Touch laser alignment system provides digital, cloud, and other advancements over the widely used dial indicator and feeler gauge of past decades. This tool masters virtually any alignment task on standard machines driven by rotating shafts. This laser shaft alignment tool has laser precision results, improving on those of conventional measurement equipment. 

The SHAFTALIGN Touch tool also offers simple and quick setup, intuitive handling through a computer-based and guided user interface, and an insightful visualization of results on the bright coloured 3D rugged tablet-like display. This new laser alignment system can handle almost any standard machine alignment challenge due to its 3D rugged sensALIGN® 3 sensor and reflector. This tool has incredible problem-solving Adaptive Alignment features. This amazing tool offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio. 

The SHAFTALIGN Touch has a user-friendly system that combines single-laser technology with Active Situational Intelligence to empower teams of varying experience levels to align any asset with new levels of precision and speed.

The benefits of using the SHAFTALIGN Touch are unmatched. This laser shaft alignment tool ensures that you achieve high performance and precise results. This is accomplished as the SHAFTALIGN Touch leverages single-laser technology to provide high-precision, high-performance alignment measurements. The SHAFTALIGN Touch also allows for quick setup with its intuitive user interface. This makes the SHAFTALIGN Touch tool more user-friendly than any of the conventional measurement methods. Data can be shared via the cloud. This means that you can use its integrated WiFi cloud solution to easily transfer measurement data from the SHAFTALIGN Touch handheld device to the ARC 4.0 software.

The SHAFTALIGN Touch tool features an integrated Thermal Growth Calculator. Industrial materials such as steel and alloy typically expand when heated up. Only a few degrees are enough to impact the machine’s behaviour when running compared to the usual cold condition when alignment measurements are taken. The Thermal Growth Calculator automatically factors the expected deviation into the measurement result.

The SHAFTALIGN Touch tool is user-friendly and easy to transport. If this sounds like the device you need, speak to one of our Yellotec sales consultants and they will be more than happy to provide you with some more information.


Last but not least, the ROTALIGN Touch EX tool is the only adaptive laser shaft alignment system for EX areas. The ROTALIGN Touch EX reaches machines and systems in potentially explosive areas that are not accessible with normal devices as it is ATEX /IECEx zone 1 certified. 

Hazardous work areas, such as oil refineries, utility gas plants, plastic plants, and more, have their fair share of machinery alignment challenges. This is because these environments have a high potential for explosion due to flammable gases, ignitable fibres, or high-voltage electrical equipment, making these areas are highly regulated. The ROTALIGN Touch EX tool is an advanced, high-precision laser alignment system that is intrinsically safe. That means it is certified (by ATEX/IECEx Zone 1) for safe use in hazardous areas. It also can be used without obtaining a hot work permit. 

This powerful laser shaft alignment tool adapts to the asset and alignment situation, even in extreme environments. It also adapts to the user’s experience and skill level. With its rugged exterior, the ROTALIGN Touch EX can withstand the harshest of conditions. This tool is waterproof and dustproof (IP68), oil-proof and waterproof (IP65), dirt-resistant, scratch-resistant, and impact-resistant. The touchscreen is also suitable for gloves, making it easy to use in hazardous work areas. 

The key benefits of the ROTALIGN Touch Ex tool are that it is ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 certified. This means that it is safe to use in explosive atmospheres where there is a mixture of air or flammable substances, in the form of gas, vapours, and mists, which is likely to occur during normal operation. The ROTALIGN Touch EX tool saves you time and effort. This rugged tool has a guided user interface that fully adapts to your needs. It also has coloured displays with real 3D machine models. The tablet-like navigation allows you to have full control of your measurements. This tool also ensures measurement accuracy and repeatability. With single-laser technology and sensALIGN® 5 EX, the ROTALIGN Touch EX has high precision and can adjust to any situation or asset.  

If you need a laser shaft alignment tool that is intrinsically safe and safe for hazardous work areas, the ROTALIGN Touch EX tool is the perfect fit for you. At Yellotec we will gladly assist you in your purchase if you are interested in the ROTALIGN Touch EX. 

Final Thoughts:

Pruftechnik is a global company that offers innovative solutions to their customers in machine alignment, condition monitoring and non-destructive testing. We love Pruftechnik because they include intelligent and precise measurement and testing systems in all their laser shaft alignment tools. Their laser shaft alignment tools are also set to global standards for the maintenance of rotating equipment and quality assurance. With Pruftechnik’s goal being “to offer our customers the perfect solution, anywhere in the world.” You won’t be sorry for choosing a Pruftechnik laser shaft alignment tool, we, at Yellotec, trust Pruftechnik and their precision on measurements. 

At Yellotec we take pride in the products that we sell and want our customers to get the very best! If you would like to know more about Pruftechnik’s laser shaft alignment tools, contact our team today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

For more information about any of the products that we have spoken about, other Priftechnik products that we offer or just want to know more about Yellotec, you can contact us either by visiting us, emailing us, calling us. Or filling out the form and someone from our technical sales team will give you a call to see how we can best assist you. 

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