IRIS Explorer

The Iris Explorer™ Spot Payload: Revolutionizing Vibration Analysis in Industrial Environments

Unlocking the synergies between Boston Dynamics’ Spot® and RDI Technologies’ Motion Amplification®, the Iris Explorer™ Spot Payload heralds a new era in industrial vibration analysis. With this groundbreaking integration, industrial customers now have unparalleled access to next-generation vibration analysis directly at the asset, regardless of remoteness or hazardous conditions.

The Iris Explorer™ Spot Payload empowers enterprise asset management programs with a cutting-edge, high-volume, and highly repeatable route-based vibration analysis solution. Its dynamic mobility and teleoperation capabilities redefine the boundaries of traditional asset monitoring. By autonomously measuring deflection, displacement, movement, and subtle vibrations imperceptible to the human eye, Iris Explorer™ minimizes operational risk, ensures regulatory compliance, and maximizes asset ROI.

Experience a transformative shift in asset reliability and performance with Iris Explorer™. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and uncertainties, and embrace a future where every asset is optimized for peak performance and longevity.

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