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The self-levelling, spinning laser in the LEVALIAGN​ Expert makes determining flatness and finding levels simple.  

The LEVALIGN Expert measures parallelism and perpendicularity, flatness and straightness, as well as the level of flanges and foundations. Features of LEVALIGN allow efficient, one-man operation, while PRÜFTECHNIK's​ powerful PC software, "ALIGNMENT CENTRE" ensures professional reporting and measurement analysis. ​​

Key Features

  • The LEVALIGN Expert can measure parallelism and perpendicularity, flatness and straightness, as well as the level of flanges and foundations
  • The laser levels by itself, and rotates, allowing easy and efficient operation by a single person.
  • Sensor measurement range is 70mm and the laser range diameter is 200m.
  • Powerful PC software, "ALIGNMENT CENTRE" for professional reporting and measurement analysis.
  • Software functionalities include ability to compare two surfaces;  for example, in a press.  The measurement range for large surfaces can also be extended.
  • The LEVALIGN Expert communicates wirelessly.

LEVALIGN expert uses a spinning laser, that self-levels horizontally and vertically, with a measurement range of 100m, and a 70mm range sensor.  It allows easy operation by one person, and covers a wide range of flatness and level measurement tasks. 

Communication between the sensor and ROTALIGN Ultra is wireless, transferring measurement data for analysis and evaluation of surface profile.

PRÜFTECHNIK's software, "ALIGNMENT CENTER",  supports preparing, analysing, archiving measurement files and printing professional reports.  The user can also measure an infinite number of points over large surfaces using the splice function, as well as compare the surfaces on two different planes. 

LEVALIGN expert is the perfect package for OEMs and companies that offer full maintenance services for improvement of machine running condition and productivity.

Leveling and flatness with a spinning laser:

The horizontal and vertical self-leveling spinning laser with 100m measurement range in conjunction with a 70 mm range sensor ensures quick one-man operation for wide-ranging measurement tasks. Wireless communication between sensor and ROTALIGN Ultra computer transfers measurement data for analysis and evaluation of surface profile.   LEVALIGN expert is a very attractive package for OEMs and companies who offer full maintenance services for improvement of machine running condition and productivity.

For advanced industrial applications:

  • Flatness and parallelism of wind tower segment flanges 
  • Leveling of machine foundations 
  • Parallelism of rails 
  • Flatness and straightness measurement in ship building
  • Leveling of reference surfaces and bases
  • Circular and rectangular surface profiles

LEVALIGN® expert laser – technical data

Laser range  100 m (Ø 200 m)
Self leveling  Vertical or horizontal (detachable)
Self leveling range  ±5%
Direction adjustment  ±5%
Speed  Up to 800 RPM
Overall error (incl. conical + leveling + step)  < ±25μm + ±24μm/m
Power  Internal rechargeable battery or external power supply
Operating time  Up to 16 hours
Dimensions  Ø 130 mm x 270 mm
Weight  3.4 kg
LEVALIGN® expert sensor – technical data  
Resolution  0.01 mm
Accuracy  ±0.02 mm
Measurement range  70 mm
Zero point adjustment  70 mm
Internal memory  2600 points
Wireless communication  RF-module
Power  2 x AA batteries
Dimensions  214 x 70 x 40 mm
Weight  0.62 kg

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