INCLINEO is a powerful system based on a high precision electronic inclinometer technology.

It measures angularity at different positions on a surface enabling exact profile determination of machined surfaces. In combination with easy-to-mount bracketing, it measures the inclination along edges, rails and even on vertical shafts. 

Its rotatable housing makes it possible to take measurements at any angular position, even top down. The integrated wireless technology, combined with its easy operation makes INCLINEO versatile, ensuring flexibility during measurements and making it an effective tool for installations and services.

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The ideal tool for inclination and flatness measurements.

Thanks to an innovative design that permits the housing to be rotated through 360°, INCLINEO is readily adjustable to measure surfaces of any inclination.  INCLINEO can be used as a stand-alone or in combination with the ALIGNMENT CENTER PC software to accomplish a wide range of measurement tasks.

Different measurement setups are provided:  

  • absolute – measurement with respect to gravity
  • relative – measurement with respect to a reference position

Bracketing solutions

Whether the surface is level or steep, be it shafts or rolls, with or without large gaps, PRÜFTECHNIK provides the right bracketing for a variety of applications.


  • High precision electronic inclinometer for measurement of absolute or relative angles
  • Rotatable housing allows measurement on surfaces with any inclination
  • Outer ring with 30° marks and 5° scale on housing with integrated fine adjustment screw
  • Appropriate bracketing for different applications
  • Powerful Windows® based PC software
  • Wireless PC communication
  • Ideal for installation and service

High Precision for Advanced Applications:

Surface flatness

Used in combination with the ALIGNMENT CENTER PC software, INCLINEO measures surface flatness of engine blocks, compressor frames or machine bases quickly and easily.

Foundation levelness

The INCLINEO absolute measurement is used to determine foundation levelness

Straightness and parallelism

Straightness is measured by taking points along a line. The “Group” function within the software enables the evaluation of parallelism of the rails.

Machine tools

The instrument’s high precision makes it ideal for measuring machine geometries, especially for quality control.

Shaft plumbness

In calculating shaft plumbness, INCLINEO® compares two measurements taken at opposite shaft positions. Depending on the application, this is done by either rotating the shaft or positioning INCLINEO at the two opposite sides.

Extend range base

The extend range base makes it possible to measure over large gaps. Its offset adjustment makes it suitable for a variety of application lengths.

Magnetic foot

The magnetic foot is designed to provide maximum stability even on steep surfaces. Its construction ensures that parallelism to shaft or roll axis is maintained.


INCLINEO technical data

Measurement range +10°
Resolution 0.0003° [1″]
Limits of error at calibration [Ta =22°C] 0.005% full scale

0.03% read out

Limits of error at measurement [Ta =22°C] until 6 months of calibration 0.005% full scale

0.06% read out

Limits of error at measurement [Ta =22°C] until 12 months of calibration 0.005% full scale

0.12% read out

8-hour zero-point drift 0.04% full scale
Digital Filter/Average 3rd order with 0.3 / 1 / 3 Hz options
Temperature range Storage: -40°C to 85°C

Operation: -10°C to 60°C

Display LCD display, 132 x 32 pixel

with LED backlight

User interface Three key operation
Wireless communication Embedded RF module with LED indicator
External interface RS-232 (serial) for computer and sensor;

Connector for dial gauge

Power supply 2 AA batteries
Battery status indicator 3 LEDs
Data storage up to 999 measurements

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