Alignment Transfer App

With Prüftechnik's alignment App, measurement files are fully mobile. Now you can view any measurement/alignment reports on the fly.


Use Prüftechnik’s alignment App, Alignment Transfer, to browse, display and send measurement files with your Android smart phone:

  • View/send/receive measurement files (alignment condition) from ROTALIGN Ultra to your smart phone
  • Get your PDF report directly from ROTALIGN Ultra to your smart device
  • Add ROTALIGN Ultra screenshots or images from smartphone camera or gallery to reports
  • Send measurement files as attachments (PDF, pictures and screenshots)
  • Transfer measurement files to other ROTALIGN Ultra computers

Additional Info

In order to use Alignment Transfer, the following will be required:

  • the ROTALIGN Ultra computer with firmware 3.04 or higher
  • Bluetooth connection between the ROTALIGN Ultra computer and the Android device

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