Alignment Reliability Center

ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY CENTER 4.0 is a Windows based software platform for PRUFTECHNIK alignment instruments.

Additional Info

Connected to the PRUFTECHNIK cloud, prepared alignment jobs can be send immediately via internet to every ROTALIGN touch worldwide that has a connectivity package. After the measurement, the files will be uploaded back directly into the software. Therefore, it is the perfect solution to manage your assets, track and monitor the alignment history of your machinery as trend.  Furthermore, the measurements can be analyzed in detail.

A library with customizable templates and an automatic suggestion of measurement modes for different bearings makes the alignment more than convenient. A powerful reporting capability is of course also part of the software.

Key Features:

  • Manage plants with an asset orientated machinery management
  • Real-time communication via cloud to ROTALIGN touch
  • Monitor the history and trend of the alignment status of assets
  • Analyze measurement data in detail and report
  • Consideration of bearing types and suggestion of adequate measurement modes
  • Library with customizable templates for assets, couplings, industrial couplings tolerances, measurement modes and reports
  • Coupling type optimized tolerances

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