IRIS M Motion Training

Motion Amplification is a relatively new technology that allows the analyst to easily visualize minute amounts of movement that would ordinarily be invisible to the naked eye. The IRIS M Motion two day training is aimed to introduce delegates to Motion Amplification technology, as well as how to use the IRIS M equipment and software.

  • Introduce Motion Amplification technology
  • Discuss how Motion Amplification compares with other predictive maintenance technologies
  • Review Motion Amplification vibration amplitude units
  • Gain an understanding of basic photography techniques
  • Learn how to use the equipment included in the IRIS M & MX kit
  • Understand common terminology associated with Motion Amplification data acquisition
  • Introduce the four MA software applications
  • Build a database hierarchy using Motion Explorer
  • Launch the Acquisition and Motion Amplification applications directly from Motion Explorer
  • Discuss RDI Acquisition settings and their impact on video data quality
  • Discuss how these settings also impact vibration data quality
  • Learn techniques for proper lighting
  • Identify and discuss Motion Amplification tools
  • Generate vibration data from Motion Amplification data
  • Complete classroom exercises to practice Motion Amplification skills
  • Launching Motion Studio
  • Basic functions
  • Import, Export, and Move Files using Motion Explorer
  • Discuss Basic Troubleshooting Tips
  • Review Software Licensing Options

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