In-situ Balancing

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A low vibration load increases the life expectancy of components. 

  • Balancing helps to keep vibrations within acceptable levels.
  • Balancing of installed rotors – also under difficult operating conditions
  • Balancing with accelerometers and with displacement sensors
  • Use of state-of-the-art balancing technology (VIBXPERT II Balancer)
  • Analysis and documentation of the vibration condition before and after
  • Static and dynamic balancing in one, two or multiple planes
  • Analysis of residual imbalance according to DIN ISO 1940
  • Detailed documentation of the balancing service
  • Certified specialists (ISO 18436-2)
  • This service is available worldwide.​

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Unbalance is the most frequent cause of increased vibrations in fans, ventilators, belt pulleys or couplings. The objective of field balancing is to keep vibrations, mechanical stress, bearing loads and shaft deformation within acceptable levels.

Our service experts can use VIBXPERT, for example, to quickly identify and eliminate unbalances in the field, also under difficult operating conditions. Even ‘special tasks’ such as balancing of rotor blades in a wind turbine can be completed in just a few hours.