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Shaft Laser Alignment

Let the Yellotec Service team with its dedicated experts and proven laser alignment systems be at the heart of your maintenance program, and you will expect the following benefits:​

  • ​Reduce cost of spare parts and unplanned downtimes
  • Measurement of shafts in rotating systems
  • Cardan shafts
  • Machine trains
  • Machine movements
  • Determination of thermal growth
  • Foundation movements.

The exact alignment of shafts in rotating systems is important to minimize machine vibrations, bearing and seal wear.

Our Machinery Service Team uses our own products to perform shaft alignments for you. The machines can be mounted horizontally or vertically and can consist of several components. Even for the measurement of a machine train consisting of a motor, a gearbox and a driven machine, the requirements can be demanding, for example for the input of the required machine dimensions. That is why we perform all data recording and analysis tasks for you. You can focus your entire attention on the execution of machine corrections, and in the ideal scenario we perform a new measurement as an alignment control immediately afterwards. We also provide you with the complete documentation of the machine condition, before and after the corrections.

For some machines, allowance has to be made for a change of position of the shafts during operation. This can be due to excessive torque, for example, or thermal growth in a motor. If the documentation does not provide the corresponding compensation values, we can determine them, e.g. thermal growth, using PERMALIGN or ROTALIGN Ultra iS and use the resulting values during the alignment process.​