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With products, processes and services for condition monitoring and availability optimization, Prüftechnik helps to ensure that your machines run smoothly and generate an output of consistently high quality. This also includes systems for automatic process control and quality assurance that are integrated directly in your production process.



Fast, reliable, powerful – VIBGUARD protects your assets with high-end technology.

The Online Condition Monitoring system VIBGUARD offers parallel and synchronous data acquisition on 20 analogue channels.

VIBGUARD continuously protects even most complex assets of unplanned shutdowns. High performance diagnostic tasks are carried out autonomously for ensuring maximum productivity.

VIBGUARD measures time signals, overall values, FFT spectra, shock pulse, orbits and much more on 20 parallel channels for almost all kind of signal inputs. Vibration, Tacho Pulse, temperature and any other relevant diagnostic inputs like torque are processed and can be correlated to the actual manufacturing process.

Measurements are integrated seamlessly to process control systems via a Modbus interface. Intelligent data management tools allow for efficient data reduction.

Advanced alarm handling tools like variable frequency band alarms and frequency band trending are available for monitoring specific machine failures like unbalance, misalignment, gear mesh and bearing failures.

VIBGUARD can easily be connected to the buffered outputs of real time protection systems in order to perform in-depth analysis and monitoring of turbomachinery. Due to its fast data processing VIBGUARD is suitable for monitoring of assets with short running cycles such as cranes, machining tools, presses etc. or for machines with highly dynamical processes such as testing stands, wind turbines, drag lines etc.

Key features 

  • 20 parallel channels
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Seamless integration to control systems
  • Various configurations available
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Intelligent data reduction

VIBGUARD® – a new level of Online Condition Monitoring that, for the first, time allows critical machines with highly dynamic processes and complex monitoring tasks to be included in a reliability-oriented maintenance schedule.   Not only does it protect your machines from damage, but it also provides production security and improves the efficiency of your assets.  


  • FAST - Powerful processors, optimized measurement routines and intelligent data management place VIBGUARD® in the formula-1 class of online systems.

  • SYNCHRONOUS - VIBGUARD® measures continuously and simultaneously on up to 20 channels. This allows it to be used to monitor even complex machines with many variable operating parameters.

  • SAFE: VIBGUARD® protects your systems from sudden failure by seamless recording and evaluation of all status parameters. 

  • AUTONOMOUS: Data recording, evaluation and alarming are all included in the VIBGUARD® module. 

  • MODULAR: VIBGUARD® can be expanded at any time. Connect additional  measurement channels or install additional VIBGUARD® modules in the switching cabinet.

  • FLEXIBLE: The measurement channels can be configured to measure vibration and process values. The digital high and low pass filters can be set as required to derive the appropriate characteristic overall values.​

VIBGUARD® Viewer adapts its interface to the application and displays only the content that you currently require for your work. For example, when measurement data is analyzed, the software shows the tree view of the machines and a measurement data diagram. For administration, configuration and reporting, the software shows the applicable views:

  • Analysis - Visualization and evaluation of measurement data

  • Configuration - Setup of measuring points and measurement tasks

  • Administration - Management of projects and system components

  • Report - Creation of interactive reports and tasks​


Central system settings: 

The measurement tasks, the trigger and alarm conditions and additional parameters for data management are defined in the online manager for every channel.  All settings are hardware-based and do not require connection to the machine and measuring point hierarchy.

Interactive elements save time:

A click of the mouse opens every referenced element. For example, click on a measurement and the corresponding diagram opens, click on a sensor and the sensor editor opens.

VIBGUARD® Viewer – the software: A reliable partner on the PC, VIBGUARD® Viewer is the perfect companion for configuration of measurement channels, data analysis and reporting. A clear structure makes it very easy to use and provides a working environment where the user feels at home immediately. Advanced functions and the perfectly tailored user interface fulfill even the highest requirements.


  • Clearly arranged interface

  • Context-dependent perspectives for improved overview and simple operation

  • Multi-screen operation: separate windows can be distributed over multiple monitors

  • Open reporting formats (HTML, DOC,...).

  • Single or multi user version

  • Kinematics model for calculation and management of characteristic machine frequencies – including complex systems

  • Practical analytical tools: waterfall, cursor family, frequency markers, trend forecast, ...

  • Advanced diagnostic features for turbomachinery: Orbit plot (unfiltered, 1st to 5th order), gap measurement, shaft centerline

  • Export of raw data for further post processing

  • Data analysis with reference to up to six operating states

  • High operating speed with optimized data organization 

  • User administration with project-dependent roles

  • Online manager for convenient configuration of measurement tasks

  • "To-do" outputs for tasks distribution and action-related system messages​


Intelligent data management: Every channel is able to measure continuously two time signals or one envelope curve signal and – at intervals of one second – up to 8 characteristic overall values, such as vibration severity and bearing condition. The 20 measurement channels supply sufficient data every day for seamless documentation of the machine status.   Intelligent data management ensures that important information is not lost and that the flow of information does not become overwhelming. This keeps the network load at an acceptable level and data can even be sent over a wireless connection without problems. 

Practical installation help: 


  • 20 synchronous measurement channels

  • Continuous data recording on every channel

  • Tachometer pulse channels for triggered measurements

  • Automatic check for sensor and cable defects

  • Digital inputs and outputs

  • Networkable (Ethernet, Modbus TCP)

  • Compact and robust

  • No active cooling required

  • On board ring buffer for transient event capturing

  • Supports Shock Pulse and Crest Factor for advanced bearing and gearbox monitoring​

Technical data – hardware modules - VIB 7.8...​

Measurement channels 20 synchronous channels each with one ADC
Dynamic range 110 dB at 24 bits
FFT lines standard: 6400 / analysis: 102400
Channel monitoring continuous over a separate signal path on every channel
Digital inputs 4
Speed inputs 2
Digital outputs 4 relay outputs
Communication TCP/IP, Modbus RTU
Comm. ports Ethernet (100 Mbit); 2 x RS232
Power supply 24 VDC / 0.5 A
Memory capacity 2 GB
Housing material aluminium
Degree of protection IP 20, in switching cabinet without protective housing IP 65, in protective housing
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