The advanced VIBGUARD system comes in a portable version. It provides all the great features of VIBGUARD, plus the mobility needed for troubleshooting various machines.

VIBGUARD portable is IP 64 rated and comes along in a sturdy aluminum case.

The portable version of VIBGUARD can be set ready to measure quickly on almost all kind of machines to perform in-depth troubleshooting. As his stationary brother, VIBGUARD portable is available in various configurations and optionally equipped with an integrated industrial PC for even more flexibility. For example, with the integrated PC and a LAN or mobile internet connection, measurement data can be accessed and analyzed remotely and if needed additional measurement tasks can be triggered.

Key features

Additional Info

VIBGUARD® portable is the latest version of the time-proven online monitoring system VIBGUARD® for troubleshooting measurements on complex machines.  Especially vibration experts and service providers will benefit from the ability of on-site failure analysis since they now have the flexibility of taking their measuring equipment with them on service calls. VIBGUARD® portable is ready for immediate use. Professional service personnel can install the system on production-critical machines, conduct temporary measurements and then analyse them.


  • Aluminium case with all VIBGUARD® functions
  • Robust, industrial-duty housing (IP 64)
  • High-end measuring device with 20 continuous and synchronous measurement channels
  • Connections for sensors and communication integrated into the case
  • VIBGUARD® Viewer PC software for configuration and analysis of measurement data
  • Add-on option:  Industrial PC can be integrated for additional data storage in case of long-term use


Technical specifications

no industrial PC VIB 7.800-MOB industrial PC VIB 7.800-MOBIPC
Temperature range -20 °C … + 60 °C -20 °C … + 45 °C
Weight approx. 11 kg approx. 14 kg
Protection type IP 64 ​IP 64
Case, dimensions (L x W x H) 445 x 220 x 355 mm ​445 x 220 x 355 mm
Case, material Aluminium ​Aluminium
Connections 20x TNC (sensors), 8x M12 (dig. I/0; tacho / pulse),

1x power plug, 1x Ethernet (RJ45)

​20x TNC (sensors), 8x M12 (dig. I/0; tacho / pulse),1x power plug, 1x Ethernet (RJ45)​
See VIGUARD® for more details.  [make this a link to VIBGUARD]

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