FLIR Elara

The FLIR Elara FR-345-EST is an affordable, fixed-mount radiometric camera for accurately measuring skin temperature* at medium- to high-throughput entry control points.

Equipped with on-edge, intelligent face detection, Elara FR-345-EST issues on-screen prompts to individuals when they need to remove glasses, while also guiding them to the correct position for best measurement.

The non-contact camera automatically locates and measures the inner canthus (corner of the eye) within one second and provides an instant pass/fail graphic to the individual. Integration with VMS systems further streamlines workflow and decision-making for facilities, while helping security personnel maintain a safe distance from potential health risks. Elara FR-345-EST does not require or save personally identifiable information (PII) for skin temperature screening.

Fast, automated, and accurate skin temperature screening

• Non-contact temperature measurement accurate within ±0.5°C (±0.9°F)
• Fast one-second screen time after individual is correctly positioned, delivering high-throughput screening
• On-camera automatic canthus measurement with visual pass/fail confirmation
• Interactive display guides the user to proper distance and head pose for accurate inner canthus measurement

Flexible VMS and and access control integrations

• Fully integrated setup, and operation available with FLIR United VMS
• Compatible with third party VMS
• Digital I/O support for access control integration
• Portrait and landscape modes available for installation flexibility

Intelligence at the edge

• On-board CNN-based analytics
• Adaptive alarm threshold helps minimize false alarms
• Automatic calibration and self-screen operation provide instant pass/fail feedback
• Automatic face, mask, and eye-wear detection

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