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Known for Ultraprobe® ultrasonic detection instruments, UE Systems are specialists in the field of, and manufacturers of, airborne/structure borne ultrasonic instruments.

Since 1973, UE systems have developed the most accurate ultrasound instrumentation used to detect leaks, electrical inspections as well as mechanical analysis. 

About UE Systems

Ultraprobe® 100

​Find compressed air leaks, faulty steam traps, and prevent machinery failure.

The Ultraprobe® 100 is a practical tool for  any leak detection, steam trap inspection  or me chanical troubleshooting program. Simple to use – find compressed air and steam leaks and prevent machinery failure with this unique instrument.

Why Ultrasound Technology is the smart approach to inspection:

  • Ultrasound is very directional and localized
  • Ultrasound can be easily blocked or shielded
  • Ultrasound instruments can be used in noisy environments
  • Changes in Ultrasound provide early warning of potential problems
  • Ultrasound instruments are easy to use!​


Why Choose this instrument?

  • Easy to use
  • Best in class entry level Ultrasound instrument.
  • Comes with an universal interchangable 9V battery
  • Ideally for point & shoot trouble shooting​

The Ultraprobe® 100 features an 8-position sensitivity dial with decibel indications. In addition, it features an LED bar graph display in which each LED equals approximately 3 dB - ideal for calculating decibel levels.

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