Temperature Probes


Temperature of machine components and liquids

Additional Info

Permanently installed, as a hand-held probe or connected via a magnetic mount, PRÜFTECHNIK temperature probes quickly provide reproducible and precise temperature values.

Due to the size and complexity of this range, please contact our support staff for a detailed proposal on your requirements


Standard temperature probes for PRÜFTECHNIK data collectors

Types VIB 8.607-1.5, VIB 8.608

  • For hard-to-access measurement locations
  • Magnetic mount (VIB 8.607-1.5)
  • Hand-held probe with probe tip (VIB 8.608)
  • Large measurement range
  • Also available with intrinsic safety

Technical data (excerpt)

  • Measurement range
    -50 … 240°C (VIB 8.607-1.5)
    -50 … 500 °C (VIB 8.608)
  • Precision
    better 3%
  • Sensor type
    Thermocouple type K

Standard temperature probe for PRÜFTECHNIK online CMS

Type VIB 6.610

  • Variable installation depth
  • Pressure-proof threaded fitting
  • Intrinsically safe version available

Technical data (excerpt)

  • Measurement range:
    0 … 200°C
  • Installed depth:
    < 48 mm
  • Sensor type:
    Pt100 resistor

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