RPM Sensors, Keyphasers


In sync with the machine

These sensors measure the rotational speed of the shaft and provide the reference signal for order-based vibration analyses.

 Non-contact measurement for increased reliability

Additional Info

Due to the size and complexity of this range, please contact our support staff for a detailed proposal on your requirements


Laser trigger / RPM sensor

Type VIB 6.631

  • Connects to PRÜFTECHNIK data collectors
  • Laser optical measurement
  • Easy mounting and adjustment
  • Large RPM measurement range
  • Stable stands (accessory)
  • EX version available

Technical data (excerpt)

  • Measurement range:
    0.1 … 600 000 RPM
  • Measuring distance:
    0.05 … 2 m
  • Output:
    5V (TTL)

Inductive RPM sensor

Type VIB 5.992-NX

  • Standard RPM sensor for PRÜFTECHNIK online CMS
  • Inductive measurement
  • Easy mounting and adjustment

Technical data (excerpt)

  • Measurement range:
    < 150 000 RPM
  • Measuring distance:
    2.3 … 12 mm
  • Load current:
    200 mA

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