Pressure Sensors


PCB offers a complete line of dynamic pressure sensors for industrial applications. Typical applications include combustion instability, combustion dynamics, hydro-turbines, steam turbines and gas turbines in potentially hazardous areas.

Pressure sensors detect dynamic pressure fluctuations, pulsations and turbulence in high static pressure environments. Pressure sensors are ideal for monitoring dynamic pressure events that occur during operation of compressors, pumps, pipelines and gas turbines.

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ICP® pressure sensors include built-in electronics that convert the signal from a high impedance output to a low impedance output. See full range here

Charge Mode

Charge mode pressure sensors generate a high impedance output which typically must be converted into a low impedance signal with the use of an external charge amplifier.  Charge mode pressure sensors are ideal for high temperature applications (+250 °F [+121 °C]). See full range here

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