Portable Vibration Calibrator


Vibration condition monitoring systems are essential for preventing catastrophic failure and ensuring plant safety in industrial applications such as Power Generation and Oil & Gas. Battery-powered vibration calibrators allow technicians to validate operation by testing these systems from transducer to control room.

Troubleshooting is often simply a matter of testing sensor output sensitivity at fundamental frequencies – such as machine running speed – and checking for drift or proximity probe cable faults. The Portable Vibration Calibrator helps Instrumentation & Controls groups pass safety and insurance audits by easily producing ISO-compliant calibration certificates without the need for additional software.

A powerful shaker with high payload capability, the IMI Portable Vibration Calibrators meet API 670 standards and are capable of testing a wide variety of instrumentation: proximity probes (eddy current probes), accelerometers, velomitors, high temperature charge mode accelerometers, velocimeters, seismoprobes, moving coil devices, current loop 4-20 mA vibration transmitters, and vibration analyzers and meters.

Additional Info

Portable Vibration Calibrator with Sensitivity Display

Includes on-board ICP® & Voltage input, adjustable frequency range (5 Hz-10 kHz) and amplitude. LCD displays English or metric units, with on-board memory, USB flash drive data storage.

  • Frequency Range: 5 to 10000 Hz (300 to 600000 cpm)
  • Maximum Load: 800 gm
  • Maximum Amplitude: 20 g pk (196 m/s^2 pk)
  • Maximum Amplitude: 15 in/sec pk (380 mm/s pk)
  • Maximum Amplitude: 50 mils pk-pk (1.27 mm pk-pk)


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