Precision ICP Accelerometers

Precision industrial accelerometers for route-based condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

  • Full frequency sweep calibration data provided
  • Additional Built in RF & EMI protection
  • Tighter sensitivity tolerances
  • Quartz elements available with superior thermal stability
  • Velocity output options with integral integration


Recommended for route-based vibration data collection and quantitative diagnostic measurements on industrial machinery. These sensors are directly compatible with most commercially available vibration data collectors and FFT analyzers that supply excitation power for ICP® sensors.

These precision, shear structured sensors offer tighter sensitivity tolerances than low cost series units and are supported with full NIST-traceable calibration data that encompasses an extensive frequency range. All units are laser welded and leak tested to ensure a truly hermetic seal. Shock protection to 5,000 g (49 k m/s2) guards against damage due to accidental overloads. A host of available options, including velocity and temperature outputs and hazardous area approvals adapt units for virtually any machinery vibration monitoring requirement.