Noria LubePM


One platform, all solutions – Your Lubrication Program Manager for Anything

Built by Lubrication Experts with the Lube Tech in mind. Engineering based on ICML 55.1 (aligned to ISO 55000). It’s an easy, intuitive, all-in-one platform. After finishing your first route, you’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

LubePM minimizes the daily work required by focusing on what is important and automating the rest. Tasks are auto-generated and uniquely created for each lubricated asset. Engineered with precision, it takes the work out of management.

Features and Details

Site Lubricants
View “always current” plantwide lubricant list while managing changes for consolidation and best practices with integrated approval processes.

Lubrication Hardware
Review hardware requirements for Lubrication Excellence by monitoring implementation stages through real-time updates.

Accelerated World-Class Status
Jumpstart your data import with asset-specific Noria recommendations for hardware modifications, lubricant selection, procedures and more.

As lubricants, hardware and other conditions change on machines, your procedure requirements change dynamically and automatically

Built-in tools to manage the consolidation of lubricants and dynamic responses as the implementation of changes occur

Step through lubricant changes and lubrication hardware changes with status tracking tools and metrics

Using Noria’s ASCEND methodology, monitor the current state of your lubrication program with an initiative simulator and corporate view pages

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