The ICP-OES inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer is setting a new standard in the analysis of wear metals in oils for condition monitoring.

This high-performance analyzer swiftly, accurately, and cost-effectively assesses component wear trends, detecting additive and wear elements and contaminants that may accelerate wear. It allows lubricating oil users to prevent equipment failure and optimize their maintenance programs. Unlike previous ICP analyzers, it is easy to use, possesses industrial-grade durability, and is surprisingly affordable to purchase and operate.

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  • Its full-spectrum capability covers the entire range needed for additive, wear, and trace element analysis of lubricating oils — including high sensitivity for light elements (Na, Mg, Al, and Si)
  • With fully simultaneous analysis, it can achieve sample cycle times of 90 seconds, independent of the number of elements to be determined
  • Available with a full complement of factory methods, compliant to ASTM and EN methods and standards. Including standard operating procedures, they are set up for instant use
  • Available as a complete condition monitoring package, containing factory methods, an autosampler, the sample introduction system, and dedicated application specific standard operating procedures
  • It features an ultra-low purge gas rate for the optical system — delivering minimum consumable gas costs, and saving thousands over the life of the instrument
  • Unlike FAAS instruments and many other ICP analyzers, it performs a complete spectrum capture with every measurement, for later evaluation if needed
  • It provides both condition monito- ring laboratories and oil blenders with all the uptime, productivity, stability, and reliability they require

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