Atten2 OilMoisture

Water contamination poses a significant threat to the lubrication of critical systems, leading to potential leaks, corrosion of machine components, and degradation of lubrication oil. At Atten2, we understand the importance of early detection and mitigation of water contamination, which is why we proudly introduce OilMoisture, our innovative online optical sensor.

OilMoisture utilizes infrared technology to precisely detect the water content in hydraulic and lubrication systems. By providing early diagnosis of water presence, our sensor helps reduce the risk of faults associated with water contamination, ultimately enhancing the reliability of machinery and processes.

The OilMoisture sensor not only detects water presence but also assesses degradation risk, providing comprehensive insights into lubrication system health. Its versatile installation options allow seamless integration into the lubrication system or oil sump tank, simplifying machinery setups.

Experience the power of early water contamination detection with OilMoisture from Atten2 OilMoisture.

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