Atten2 SMK [Smart Monitoring Kit]

The SMK, a groundbreaking integration kit that combines the unique capacity of the OilWear® sensor with a built-in HMI display, providing real-time insights right at the machine itself.The SMK’s advanced OilWear® sensor technology detects particles and bubbles as small as 4 microns in machine fluids, categorizing them based on size ranges. This real-time data offers precise insights into the machine’s status, allowing for proactive maintenance based on fluid contamination levels.

Designed as a plug-and-play solution, the SMK is compatible with all hydraulic systems, regardless of their make or design. It includes a flow condition solution to monitor operating conditions in both pressurized and depressurized systems, irrespective of fluid dynamics.

The integrated HMI screen offers all the necessary functionalities to monitor the system, view real-time data, and store and export information via USB. Additionally, remote connectivity enables digitalized lubricant-based monitoring of asset status, ensuring proactive maintenance and optimization.

Experience the power of real-time machine insights with the SMK integration kit.



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