X6980-HS InSb™

The FLIR X6980-HS InSb is an extraordinarily fast midwave infrared (IR) camera designed specifically for scientists and engineers who require high-speed imagery for precise thermal analysis and custom radiometric measurements.

FLIR X6980-HS InSb: High-Speed Midwave IR Camera for Precision Thermal Analysis

Key Features:
– High Resolution: The camera features a 640 × 512 resolution, ensuring detailed and clear thermal imagery.
– Blazing-Fast Frame Rates: Ideal for capturing stop motion on fast-moving subjects or rapid temperature changes, making it perfect for both lab environments and test ranges.
– Four-Position Motorized Filter Wheel: Enhances versatility and functionality, allowing users to adapt quickly to different testing scenarios.
– Support for FLIR Motorized Focus Lenses: Ensures higher quality recordings, saves time, and reduces frustration during dynamic acquisitions.

The FLIR X6980-HS InSb is designed to provide the highest quality thermal imaging, making it an invaluable tool in dynamic and fast-paced environments. Whether you’re conducting detailed thermal analysis or capturing high-speed events, this camera is engineered to deliver accurate and reliable results every time.

Product Variations:

FLIR X6980-HS InSb (1.5-5.0 μm), f/2.5

FLIR X6981-HS InSb (3.0-5.0 μm), f/2.5

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