FLIR GF77 is the first uncooled dual use infrared camera to visualize methane and other industrial gas emissions in realtime for faster, more efficient gas leak surveys.

Visualize CH4, SF6, NH3, C2H4 and Refrigerants in different wavelengths with a versatile lens solution, and inspect critical components using the built-in thermal imager

Additional Info

The FLIR GF77 is a ground-breaking uncooled infrared camera that visualizes emissions of multiple gas types in real-time, for faster, more efficient gas leak surveys. This nimble, affordable alternative to FLIR’s industry-leading cooled optical gas imagers was designed for use by renewable energy producers, at natural gas power plants, and at locations along the natural gas supply chain.

Armed with the GF77, you can scan components quickly, focusing on problem areas and finding small leaks you might miss with a traditional TVA or “sniffer.” Efficient leak detection and repair (LDAR) will help protect the environment while avoiding product losses and ensuring a safer work environment.

Key Features

Methane-Specific Spectral Filtering
Targeting the spectral filter improves visualization of methane while also reducing false negatives from gases that absorb in other wavelengths.

One-Touch Contrast Enhancement
With 1-Touch Level/Span, a quick tap on the screen automatically improve contrast between the gas compound and the background scene.

Accentuated Plume Movement
Easily toggle on/off High Sensitivity Mode (HSM). This proprietary video processing technique highlights plume movement for increased gas detectability.

Award-Winning, Ergonomic Design
Based on the FLIR T-Series platform, the GF77 offers a 180° rotating optical block, vibrant touchscreen LCD, and eyepiece for ease-of-use in direct sunlight.

Robust Camera Features
From the laser-assisted autofocus to the responsive touchscreen graphic interface, the GF77 offers the latest high-tech features you’d expect from FLIR.

Streamlined Reporting Features
Organize your findings in the field using the built-in voice annotation, GPS tagging, customizable work folders, and Wi-Fi connections for video streaming or sharing.

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