GF 309

The FLIR GF309, the ultimate solution for high-temperature industrial furnace applications. Engineered to excel in monitoring furnaces, heaters, and boilers across diverse industries such as chemical, petrochemical, and utilities, the FLIR GF309 sets a new standard in thermal imaging technology.

Tailored to penetrate flames effortlessly, the FLIR GF309 offers unparalleled visibility even in the harshest environments. Its advanced infrared capabilities ensure accurate monitoring and detection, allowing for swift identification of potential issues before they escalate.

Equipped with a detachable heat shield, the FLIR GF309 provides an added layer of protection for both the camera and operator. Engineered to deflect heat away from the camera, this innovative feature enhances safety and ensures reliable performance even in the most extreme conditions.

With the FLIR GF309, you can trust in its reliability, precision, and durability to deliver exceptional results, making it the preferred choice for high-temperature industrial applications. Experience the power of cutting-edge thermal imaging technology with the FLIR GF309 and elevate your monitoring capabilities to new heights.

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