LAMIBLOC® laminated shims​ are used wherever conventional sizes are just not enough​.

LAMIBLOC are ideal when alignment work requirements are insufficient to warrant stocking the complete assortment of single-thickness shims.

Just a handful of shims are all you need on the job site for perfect vertical alignment adjustment in a small fraction of the usual time. Each 1mm shim is composed of 20 layers, each 0.05mm thick. The user can simply peel away the shim to the required thickness for machine alignment. 


The LAMIBLOC shims solve the requirement to hold the complete assortment of shim thicknesses since only a handful of shims is all that’s needed on-site for perfect vertical alignment.  With LAMIBLOC, adjustment occurs in a fraction of the normal time.

LAMIBLOC® laminated shims

  • are exactly 1 mm thick and peel down easily in layers of 0.1 mm to the required thickness
  • are available in 9 sizes and thus fit nearly all machine feet
  • are made of stainless steel, thus offering long-term​ resistance against corrosion, acids and lyes
  • are perfectly flat-rolled to avoid vibration and ‘soft foot’ when stacked together – even several millimetres at a time
  • are a time- and money-saving, safe an​d practical alternative to hand-cut shims
  • are straightforward to work, allowing quick correction of soft foot and slanting foundations
  • have rounded corners to prevent injury
  • shims ALI 2.521 to ALI 2.526 are packed ​in reclosable cartons

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