Why you should think about having an On-Site Lab

Oil Lab Series 1

We all know the value of having a well-planned Oil Lubrication Program in place to ultimately reduce the number and severity of potential failures. However, in cases where your program is restricted by high sample volumes and you have critical machinery being monitored, running an on-site laboratory might be a better option for you.

The biggest benefits of an on-site lab is the low cost per sample, as well as the short turnaround times for results. In addition to this, an on-site laboratory will ensure that you develop local expertise and will help promote a proactive maintenance culture, ultimately reducing the number of unplanned breakdowns.

It is one thing to save on running your own lab, however how much would the initial investment be? In the next part of the series, we’ll be looking at the overall cost benefit and the possible Return of Investment of a laboratory.

Interested in building your own lab? Speak to our Oil Lubrication Specialist Team at Yellotec to explore your options.

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