Geometric Alignment for World Disabled Bowls Championship​

international bowls for the disabled

International bowls for the disabled is hosting the world disabled bowls in Ekurhuleni from the 18-31 May 2024

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In preparation for the tournament the lawn bowl greens profile/flatness needed to be tested. Yellotec rose to the challenge by performing a geometric alignment with the Pruftechnik level laser to assess the condition of the green at Kempton Park bowling club. The test area was however much larger than what is usually encountered in a machine base application that the system was designed for, and the technicians needed to perform unique post processing of the data after capturing (1296 measurements on a 36msurface).

Supporting our community, and disabled sportspersons to excel.The self-levelling, spinning laser in the LEVALIAGN Expert makes determining flatness and finding levels simple.

Key Features:
  • The LEVALIGN Expert can measure parallelism and perpendicularity, flatness and straightness, as well as the level of flanges and foundations.
  • The laser levels by itself, and rotates, allowing easy and efficient operation by a single person.
  • Sensor measurement range is 70mm at a resolution of 0.001mm and the laser reference range diameter is 200m.
  • Powerful PC software, “ALIGNMENT CENTRE” for professional reporting and measurement analysis.
  • Software functionalities include ability to compare two surfaces;  for example, in a press.  The measurement range for large surfaces can also be extended.
  • The LEVALIGN Expert communicates wirelessly.
For advanced industrial applications:
  • Flatness and parallelism of wind tower segment flanges
  • Leveling of machine foundations
  • Parallelism of rails
  • Flatness and straightness measurement in ship building
  • Leveling of reference surfaces and bases
  • Circular and rectangular surface profiles

This system will decrease production time when doing alignment on equipment as you have a geometrically flat base or surface to work from.

It will reduce soft foot probability as this can cause tension on the motor stator and will increase the power consumption, that will save energy consumption.

Yellotec helps international disabled bowling team to confirm flatness of bowling green


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