Infrared Thermography Level 3

This course assumes the attending delegate to be an advanced, experienced user of thermal cameras, already familiar with all theoretical and practical aspects of the technology as taught in Levels 1 and 2. The delegate should preferably have in excess of two years practical IRT experience.

Course Benefits

Through this Certification Course, participants have the opportunity to accrue 5 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

The contents of this course closely follow the requirements of ISO 18436-7 and contain as minimum the following:

  • Fourier’s Law, Newton’s Law of Cooling 
  • Atmospheric transmission, Radiation reference sources 
  • Planck’s Law, Wien’s Law, Stephan-Bolzmann Law, Emissivity and its influencing factors.
  • Infrared camera selection criteria, Spectral bands, Thermal sensitivity (NETD), Lens selection, Optical resolution, and Operation of equipment 
  • Image composition, Emissivity determination, Error source recognition, prevention or control, Waveband selection criteria
  • Recognizing and dealing with radiation, convection, and conduction 
  • Effects of incorrect emissivity, Camera calibration and Environmental and operational conditions
  • Temperature measurement, and Comparative quantitative and qualitative thermography 
  • Camera measurement tools, Measurement tools, Distance (atmospheric) correction, Emissivity correction
  • Statistical analysis , Image subtraction, Image montage and Temperature trending
  • General image interpretation guidelines, and General guidelines for establishing thermal severity assessment criteria
  • Machinery engineering principles (components and construction)
  • Typical machinery failure modes and mechanisms and their associated thermal signatures
  • Severity assessment and acceptance criteria (engineering codes and standards)
  • General principles, Technique selection, Measurement intervals 
  • Reference temperatures, and Baseline temperatures
  • Procedure development
  • Safety, Equipment and Procedure  management 
  • Skills and competencies management
  • Database management
  • Managing corrective action implementation

Course Info

Course Length:

24 hours


1 seat x 365 days*

CPD Points: 5

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