A powerful and easy to use field balancer.

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Unbalance of rotors is one of the most common faults in rotating equipment. The VIBXPERT II Balancer helps you detect unbalances simply and precisely, and correct them quickly and effectively. Corrective actions ensure the reliability of your assets and increase productivity. Rotors of almost any size and weight can be balanced effectively with the VIBXPERT II Balancer. In addition to the balancing function, the device provides vibration analysis, resonance tests and phase measurements to diagnose unbalances and to determine the optimum operating conditions for the rotor.

Upgrade of your VIBXPERT II Balancer to a full-blown VIBXPERT II vibration analyzer is possible at any time.

  • Overall values and process parameters
  • Time waveform 
  • Amplitude spectrum 
  • Envelope acceleration spectrum 
  • Phase including recording 
  • Bump test,
  • 1-channel  Coast-down/run-up test 
  • ISO standards for evaluation

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