Atten2 Oil CMS PRO

OilCMS is the portable, robust, real- time solution featuring Atten[2] optical technology for particle counting and particle morphology analysis in lubrication systems.

The Portable OilCMS utilizes breakthrough digital imaging technology which provides
a greater insight into the size and type of particulate in any oil system.Air bubble elimination and shape recognition gives root cause particle analysis. A water content sensor and stepper motor pump for high viscosity

oils completes the package. Giving ISO 4406 counts as well as 4, 6, 14, 21, 38, 70 & >100 micron sizing and bubble elimination. Digital imaging combined with advanced algorithms sorts particles into fatigue wear, cutting wear and sliding wear categories to give root cause analysis.

This powerful technology, when coupled with additional sensors for measuring water content and oil life, gives unprecedented on the spot insight into the condition of your oil.

All Atten[2] technology functionalities available

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