IR Ladle Monitor


This solution is used as a preventive maintenance system to automatically monitor highly stressed materials such as foundry ladles. By analysing the temperature distribution on the exterior of the ladle, any imminent refractory lining failure can identified in good time.

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This makes it a highly effective way of preventing possible breaches through the refractory lining by liquid metal, together with all-too-familiar consequences such as damage to adjacent plant, high repair costs, production downtimes and high risks to personnel. As well as increasing safety, the systems also analyse readings to simultaneously enable prediction of the remaining service life of the refractory lining.

As a result, the number of user cycles can be maximised and the refractory lining replaced at a convenient time: both these advantages mean a reduction in production costs.


  • Camera units with protective housing with option of P&T heads (depending on particular application)
  • Computer for control of cameras and P&T heads, evaluation of image data, alarm generation, exchange of data and control commands with other components
  • Digital I/O module for watchdog support, output of warnings and alarms, control tasks and status information
  • Operator station with monitor, keyboard, mouse and joystick for manual control of attached P&T heads
  • IRMonitor infrared imaging software

The system can be adapted in various ways in line with the operational conditions of the application in question.

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