With its uncooled detector, high resolution, and all of the cutting-edge functionality scientists and researchers have come to expect from FLIR, the A655sc brings affordable research and science thermal imaging and measurement to a whole new level.

Additional Info

  • EXCELLENT IMAGE QUALITY The FLIR A655sc features a 640 x 480 pixel microbolometer that detects temperature differences down to <30 mK, for accuracy at longer distances.
  • HIGH-SPEED STREAMING Streams full-frame 16-bit data at 50 Hz, or up to 200 Hz with windowing, for high-speed processes.
  • GIGE VISION™ STANDARD COMPATIBILITY GigE Vision allows fast image transfer using low cost standard cables up to 100 meters.



Resolution 640 × 480
Detector Pitch 17 µm
Spectral Range 7.5 – 14.0 µm
Detector Type Uncooled Microbolometer
Camera f-number f/1.0
Dynamic Range 16-bit
Frame Rate [Full Window] 50 Hz
Max Frame Rate [at Min Window] 200 Hz (640 × 120)
Standard Temperature Range –40°C to 150°C (–40°F to 302°F) 100°C to 650°C (212°F to 1,202°F)
Optional Temperature Range Up to 2,000°C (3,632°F )
Focus Automatic or Manual (Motorized)

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