The FLIR Cx5 is certified for use in many explosive environments, eliminating the need to acquire hot work permits due to gas, vapor, and dust, while making T-Class surveys quick and easy. With FLIR MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) and 1-Touch Level/Span, the Cx5 can help you identify potential problems quickly to improve plant performance. The 3.5-inch touchscreen interface is simple to use, and 160 × 120 thermal resolution gives you accurate temperature measurement of nearby targets. Built-in FLIR Ignite™ cloud service provides direct data transfer, storage, and backup, so images are always available and securely stored on all your devices. With the FLIR Cx5 in your toolbox, you’ll always be ready to investigate mechanical and electrical equipment around your production site.

Additional Info

  • INSPECT SAFELY IN EXPLOSIVE ENVIRONMENTS Investigate potential problems from a safe distance using FLIR MSX, 160 × 120 true thermal imaging, and 1-Touch Level/Span.
  • RUGGED, RELIABLE, AND CERTIFIED The Cx5 eliminates the need for hot work permits in hazardous locations due to gas, vapor and dust, and it conforms to restricted breathing and dust protection standards.
  • UPLOAD AND SHARE DATA INSTANTLY Wirelessly upload and share data, images, and files to the FLIR Ignite™ cloud, and synchronize the camera with FLIR Thermal Studio software for the most powerful thermography analysis and report generation.



Accuracy At ambient temp. 15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F) and object temp. above 0°C (32°F), 0°C to 100°C (32°F to 212°F): ±5°C (±9°F), 100°C to 400°C (212°F to 752°F): ±5%
Digital Camera 5 MP
Image Modes
Infrared image, Visual image, MSX (Embossed visual details on thermal image), Picture-in-picture (IR area on visual image)
Storage Media Internal memory and onboard FLIR Ignite cloud connectivity (with Wi-Fi)

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