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FLIR Research Studio, where innovation meets intuitive design. Our software is meticulously crafted to align with your research and development needs, offering robust recording and analysis capabilities in a seamless user interface.FLIR Research Studio is your premium solution for advanced thermal analysis, streamlining workflows to enhance efficiency and productivity. With our software, you can effortlessly display, record, and evaluate data from multiple FLIR cameras simultaneously, empowering you to glean critical insights swiftly and accurately.

What sets FLIR Research Studio apart is its commitment to versatility and accessibility. Our platform boasts multi-language and multi-platform support, catering to diverse teams across Windows, MacOS, and Linux environments. This ensures seamless collaboration, mitigates misinterpretations stemming from language barriers, and amplifies the synergy within your research endeavors.

Join countless researchers and developers who trust FLIR Research Studio to elevate their projects. Experience the future of thermal analysis software—intuitive, powerful, and tailored to your needs.

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Cameras Supported A35sc, A65sc, A50/A70, ETS320, GF77a, C2/C3, E53/E75/E85/E95, T5xx, T6xx, T1k (T1010/T1020/T1030sc/T1040/T1050sc), T865 A3xx/A6xx, A6xxx cooled, A8xxx cooled, A8580 Series, A6780 Series, FLIR A400/A700 Series, RS8500 Series, X6800 Series, X6900 Series, X8500 Series, RS6700, RS6800, RS8200, RS8300, SC6x00/SC8x00 Series (SC6100/SC6200/SC6700/SC6800/SC8200/SC8300)
Color Palettes  21 available palettes organize into categories, recently used, and live preview


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