Discover and mitigate gas leaks effectively while adhering to governmental and environmental emission standards with the FLIR G620a. Engineered as a durable, cooled Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera, the G620a is tailored for continuous monitoring in upstream and midstream gas production and processing facilities.

Designed to identify methane (CH₄), hydrocarbons, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), the G620a features a spectrally filtered lens and a high-performance OGI detector that meets sensitivity requirements outlined in U.S. EPA OOOOa and Appendix K. Despite its advanced capabilities, the G620a remains compact and lightweight, enabling swift installation and operation.

Navigating monitoring tasks is streamlined through a user-friendly web interface, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows. With its robust linear cooler, the G620a can sustain 27,000 hours of continuous operation, guaranteeing uninterrupted monitoring without compromising performance.

By leveraging the FLIR G620a, oil and gas companies can safeguard critical equipment, minimize product loss, achieve emissions reduction targets, and promote safer work environments.

Product Variations:

FLIR G620a 14.5

FLIR G620a 24

FLIR G620a 6

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