FLIR GF77a, the groundbreaking uncooled autonomous leak detection camera designed exclusively to detect methane gas. As the first of its kind from FLIR, the GF77a offers an affordable, fixed-camera solution tailored to the needs of upstream and midstream gas processors, producers, and operators, enabling continuous monitoring for potentially hazardous, invisible methane leaks.

Compact and lightweight, the FLIR GF77a is engineered with FLIR’s patented technologies, including the innovative High Sensitivity Mode (HSM), which enhances gas visualization capabilities. This feature-packed camera empowers oil and gas companies to proactively detect and address methane leaks, safeguarding valuable capital equipment, minimizing product loss, and ensuring compliance with emissions reduction metrics.

The FLIR GF77a promotes safer work practices and environmental sustainability. Additionally, the GF77a is available in a rugged GF77f variant designed for harsh operating conditions.

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