ROTALIGN Ultra iS Live Trend

The Live Trend add-on module turns the ROTALIGN Ultra iS into a real-time monitoring tool for continuous measurement of machine position changes during its operation.

Live Trend can accurately detect the changes in position of a machine that are related to changes such as thermal growth expansion. Tracking and measurement of machine position in states of operation, i.e. “cold”, run-up, operation, and coast-down, is vital to determine the compensation values needed to dictate the required misalignment of the machine when it is cold.

  • Measurement in real time of a machine’s positional changes during its operation
  • Precise measurement of actual thermal target values
  • Live display of horizontal and vertical coupling and feet values
  • Display trend of the horizontal and vertical coupling and feet values
  • Flexibility to define markers to indicate events whilst measurement occurs
  • Transmit data wirelessly with the Bluetooth module between sensor and computer

Additional Info

Cold alignment targets may not accurately predict the actual operating condition of a running machine. Live Trend is used to monitor movement of machines during run-up or coast-down phase, in order to determine the positional change over time and the influences of given events.

This add-on module runs on the ROTALIGN® Ultra platform and utilizes the unique 5-axis sensor to monitor continuously, in real-time and simultaneously both the vertical and horizontal parallel and angular displacement of rotating machinery, from cold to hot condition or vice versa and hence determining the relative positional change between coupled machines during operation.

How does Live Trend help?

  • Accurate measurement of the actual thermal target values
  • Live display of horizontal and vertical coupling and feet values
  • Trend plot of horizontal and vertical coupling and feet values
  • Video replay of machine positional change
  • Flexible selection of markers to indicate events during measurement
  • Ability to import machine settings from the shaft alignment program
  • RF module for wireless data transmission between measurement sensor and computer
  • The unique single laser makes set-up adjustment fast and easy
  • Industrial protection IP 65 and IP 67
  • Flexible bracket configuration
  • Simultaneous and continuous monitoring of vertical and horizontal machine displacement
  • Continuous monitoring of thermal growth during run-up or coast-down phase
  • No need to adjust components during measurement and running of machines
  • Suitable brackets for different type of machines

Maintaining healthy rotating systems with Live Trend. 

The biggest contribution one can make to lower the operating costs of rotating systems is to align them correctly using the real coupling target values. Target values recommended by manufacturers do not always reflect the real thermal growth compensation values. Live Trend application helps to exactly determine the actual positional changes during run-up or coast-down phases. By applying these values, the machines are precisely aligned to reflect normal operating conditions.

This leads to:

  • Lower energy costs through reduced power consumption
  • Increased mechanical life of bearings, seals, shafts and couplings
  • Reduced bearing and coupling temperatures
  • Minimized breaking or cracking of shafts
  • Reduced vibration
  • Reduced machine damage


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